Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The murals at Newport Harbor High School are finally complete.
We are happy to find out that Tom will be returning to NHHS to do some more
murals on the Irvine Avenue side of the school which is great because that is the side we see most often. We showed an architect friend of ours some photos of the murals and his response was different from what we expected. He said "what a shame that someone designed a building that was so unattractive that they had to put murals on it." Well, coming from an architectural stand point we can understand where he is coming from. It was very sad to see the old Gothic Revival style building destroyed and the new building does not even come close in its integrity. Well, that being said, we are stuck with the new building and we are delighted that Tom is taking on the huge and time consuming task of designing and painting these incredible murals to make these stark walls appear more beautiful.

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